New project: SLightliMon

  • Posted on: 19 October 2015
  • By: adamo

A new project on! I come back to Earth with SLightliMon, a Street Lighting lite Monitor.
This work is an evolution of an experiment started at work. An experiment that was so successfull, that now has become our main solution for the monitoring of street lighting power consumption, with almost 100 monitored power cabinets (still growing).
Here I publish the main core of the alarm detector. At work I developed also a basic web-based user interface, but here I want to publish a better one in the future.
In the meanwhile you may try the alarm detector.
Reading the documentation and having a look at the examples is mandatory before downloading and trying the code!
I also published a little document explaining how to set up a street lighting architecture based on free software.

As usual, have a look at the Contacts page if you want to write me!