SOPA documentation

Unfortunately, almost no documentation is available at the moment. An example program showing how to use the main functions can be found in the root of the GitHub repository.


SOPA doesn't need actually an "installation" procedure. It needs a python 3.5+ environment with the right modules and then it can be just downloaded and run (at least, in Linux). The needed modules are:

  • sys
  • math
  • os
  • glob (needed only for parsing CO-SHARPS data)
  • datetime
  • gzip (needed only if txt files related to CO-SHARPS ancillary data have been downloaded gzipped)
  • numpy 1.17.4
  • scipy 1.3.2
  • bitstring (needed only for PDS Italian EDR data)
  • ray 0.7.3 (needed only for parallel computation in surface clutter simulators and SOFA, not mandatory)
  • matplotlib 3.0.3 (needed only for plotting classes)